I blogged about ordering them last Friday, and I showed a screen shot of the list of colors. They have arrived, and here they are:

Purple, Chocolate, and Coffee


Palm, Pewter, Ivy, and O. D. Green


Smoke, Iron, and Lilac


Latte, Wheat, and Taupe

Brown, Mocha, and Earth

Moss, Bison, Mushroom, and Shale


School Bus, Mustard, and Shadow

I’ve got my work cut out for me now. I need to cut out the 6 x 6 inch sample pieces from each of these half yard pieces. I also need to make the flower sample pieces as well. Then I need to make a hanging file for each fabric. I think I am going to try to do all of that before I do any more work on the Log Cabin Quilt. I want to get a good feeling for what I have on hand before I proceed with any more work on that project.

the pieces above are all half yard cuts. That is the smallest amount that the Fat Quarter Shop will allow you to order. There are 11.5 yards of fabric up there.

By the way, it was no mean feat to match up and label all of those fabrics. There were so many fabrics so close in hue and value that I needed to come up with a system to stay organized. It was pretty overwhelming to think about finding the chips on the chart for each of these colors. I started by putting a check mark in pencil next to all 23 fabric names on the sample card. This was so I would know where to look for possible matches when searching for the names. Knowing where to look meant that I would not waste time hovering over similar colors that were not even in the collection. Then I took one set of fabrics at a time being careful not to lose the sequence of the set as I was looking for the colors. I had maintain the sequence because I needed to be able to refer to those sets in their proper order so I could label the photos in this post. Once I found a color I made a label for the fabric, erased the check mark on the color chart, and added a check mark next to the color on the packing list. Then I put the labeled set aside, and labeled the next set. I continued in this way until all the fabrics were labeled. I knew I had been successful when every fabric was labeled, every check mark was erased from the sample card, and every color had a check next to it on the packing list.

There are the colors ready to be cut and filed away.

Now I’m tired, so I think I will do some mindless stitching of flowers for the Low Volume Quilt. These fabrics can wait until tomorrow for cutting.