I showed them as yardage last Friday. Now you get to see them as flowers. I can’t believe I completed all 23 flowers in just one week. Here they are:

PurpleChocolate, and Coffee

These two browns are very close to each other, but they appear darker here than they really are. There is also more contrast between them than there appears to be here. Yet, if I were to order yardage, I would probably not order both. I would choose one or the other. I don’t need to own quantities of every color. I’d just like to say that I have seen them all at a scale large enough to appreciate their subtleties. And, of course, if possible, I’d like to own a 6 x 6 inch square of each, plus a flower of each, for comparison purposes.

PalmPewterIvy, and O. D. Green

Palm and O. D. Green speak to me, and they will be taking their place among my preferred secondaries.

SmokeIron, and Lilac

I see Lilac as a definite addition to my preferred collection of secondaries. Moving forward, as I purchase more solids, I intend to concentrate on my secondary palette before adding to my primary or neutral palettes.

LatteWheat, and Taupe

BrownMocha, and Earth

MossBisonMushroom, and Shale

Mushrooom is a yummy neutral.

School BusMustard, and Shadow

I bought School Bus strictly on a whim, but I think that it will prove to be a much more useful color than I had imagined. Strictly speaking, this color has enough yellow in it to be a cross between a secondary and a primary. But it says, “orange” to me. So I am categorizing it as a secondary. Mustard is a great yellow that is not too bright. Shadow is a nice gray that treads the line between light value and medium value.

The next step Kona Solids acquisition is to scour the sample card for more secondaries.