Photo Credit: Laura Bennet

Tuesday night I attended the monthly meeting of the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild. Our challenge for the month was to make a quilt with just two colors, or to bring in something that was just two colors that had already been made by us or by someone else. This challenge was proposed at just the time that I was deciding what colors to use for my Farmer’s Wife Quilt. Initially I had thought that I might make the quilt a secondary color themed quilt using Violets, Greens, and Oranges. However, the challenge helped me make up my mind to go with only shades of Violet and Green.

Although my quilt is nowhere near done, and will take over a year to complete, I had finished six blocks. What was even more significant, and of potential interest to the group, is that I had amassed an amazing number of Kona solids from which to choose as I continued to work. So I clipped my Kona flowers together and brought them to show to the group along with my six blocks.

I received a great complement from one of the guild members, who upon examining my points, proclaimed me the “Queen of Precision”. I did not hesitate to accept the crown. I said with no false modesty, “Yes, I am.”

Last week I received 23 half yards of Kona solids from the Fat Quarter Shop. Twelve of those colors were new, and I am showing them below.

Peridot, Limelight, and Cabbage


Pea Pod, Artichoke, and Lime


Bright Periwinkle, Thistle, and Wisteria


Tarragon, Amethyst, and Ash

This yardage came packaged in two zip lock bags. The Fat Quarter Shop does a beautiful job of fanning out the yardage so you can see each piece. This order came to $80.50, which is exactly enough (plus 50 cents) to avoid shipping charges.

This is what they looked like when they first arrived. The fabrics look even better once the plastic has been stripped away.

There is something I did not previously realize about the way these fabrics are packaged. The Fat Quarter shop places the yardage into the bag in the EXACT SAME ORDER as the names of the fabrics are listed on the packing list! If you are ordering solids this is tremendously helpful in sorting them out. I will never again need to try to match up fabrics with the tiny fabric swatches on the Kona Solids Sample Card.

Now I feel a little bit foolish about this post.

If you want to see what my guild is up to, just search Instagram for #cjmqg