I had been planning to arrange the large hexagons of the blue star quilt with chocolate triangles to set off the shapes. I think I am leaning more now towards a more compressed setting of just the large hexagons next to each other.

I laid out the large hexagons with blue stars that I currently have finished on my front porch. Below I show a few views of this random configuration.

After seeing how nice this configuration looked I decided to lay out what I have so far on my queen sized bed.

The final configuration is going to yield areas along all four sides that will need to be dealt with in terms of design.

Along the left and right sides I will have a zig zag shape that will need to be filled. I might throw in a hexagon and then edge the area with chocolate or a subtle brown print.

Here is a close up of that idea. I’d be inclined to add chocolate triangles on both sides of the added hexagon to finish things off before adding the border.

The border of the top and bottom is actually more troublesome and will take more thought.

I don’t really have a well formed idea of how I will deal with this space yet.

I am inclined to piece something subtle with brown solids in the area down until the halfway point of the bottom two hexagons. Then I’d add a border fabric.

It is a long time before I will need to make this final decision. In the mean time I intend to make a few more large hexagons with blue star centers so I have many to choose from in creating the final configuration. I’m at a very awkward stage now with my vision, however, since I am halfway through cataract surgery. I have one eye finished and one eye yet to be done. This makes stitching very difficult, so I will be setting it aside for a couple of weeks.