Here are the next five Glorious Hexagons.

#45 Shelley

I like this block because the emphasis upon the decorative mane motifs make it look very abstract. All of the pieces for this block were cut from the large horse head fabric.

#19 Nicole

I added dimensionality to this block by arranging the values of the horse heads so that it appears as if the block is being illuminated from the upper left.

#13 Judy

This block uses my favorite horse from the large horse head print. It is very light in value and will definitely draw attention to itself in the finished quilt design.

#13 Judy

This block utilizes the two gold colored fabrics in the collection. One of them has birds on a gold patterned background. The other fabric is a rust colored mottled pattern of swirls and triangles.

#13 Judy

This block utilizes the same two gold colored fabrics. It is a reversal of the previous Judy.