The numbers above are not the numbers that correspond with the names of the blocks in The New Hexagon book. They represent the order in which I have completed the blocks in the series. I have actually completed my 43rd block, but up until now I have been so busy stacking, cutting, basting, and stitching that I have presented only the first 10 of those blocks. I feel as if my blog has been ignored, for which I apologize. I hope to remedy that with some regular posts on the Glorious Hexagon project, and also on The Farmer’s Wife Quilt, which has become a distant memory to me now.

After careful consideration I have decided that the best way for me to proceed with the unveiling of my finished Glorious Hexagon blocks is to present five blocks at a time. I’ll make one post per week devoted to the individual blocks. That will allow me to stay a bit ahead of the game so I can continue to post with consistency. An additional advantage to this approach is that I will gain a bit of aesthetic distance on each block before I actually blog about. Perhaps this will help me to find something new to say about the blocks.

Before we get to the blocks I would like to say that one of the reasons my posts have been so sparse lately is that I feel as if I have found a new warm home on the internet in the Glorious Hexagons Facebook Group. The people there are very supportive and it is a really open atmosphere that allows for sharing of thoughts as well as images. It is a little smaller than the Farmer’s Wife Facebook Group, and so that is probably why the admins don’t feel the need to prohibit blog links and slightly off comment posts about previous hexie projects. I guess this fish likes a smaller pond. Now I understand when people say that they too busy with Instagram to blog. The nearly instant feedback is definitely addictive.

Anyway, here are the blocks:

#13 Judy

#13 Judy

I decided to modify the Judy block by using three one inch diamond shapes for the central hexagon. It gives a rather creepy feeling to the block. It also pulls the rust color into the center.

#13 Judy

#13 Judy

This is another Judy that is modified with a pieced central hexagon. This works well not only to create a symmetrically circular effect as in the Judy above it, but it also works well when I want to provide a solid center pieced from portions of the large horse head print. What is nice about using the solid sections of the print is that the tones are very subtly gradated as you can see above.

What I like most about this Judy is that I deliberately searched for an area of fabric with the white horse mane to use for the diamond shape, and I managed to line it up with the white mane portion in the hexagons which makes the mane look as if it is flying away.

#1 Marie

Marie is a block with large pieces that works well to show off the horse heads in the large horse head print in the collection. This block will also work well with the panel fabrics when I finally start to use them.

I managed to score twelve of the above panels, which should provide a great deal of variety. I have created a six layer stack of the two segments pictured above and will probably create three layer stacks as well to use with the blocks that use larger pieces.

Next week I will be unveiling the next five blocks. But if you are impatient you can always join the Facebook Group for Glorious Hexagons to see the blocks presented as soon as they are completed.