Sail the ship.
Chop the tree.
Skip the rope.
Look at me.

Altogether now…

The above represents the pieced and solid hexagons that I have made so far. I wanted to place them next to each other to get a feel for what the finished piece will look like.

Here are just the pieced hexagons, and I think it is obvious that they need the visual relief of the solid hexagons.

Here are solid hexagons showing all of the fabrics that I have obtained to work with so far. The above nine fabrics are from the Embracing Horses collection by Laurel Burch. I will be taking these hexagons with me to the Pennington Quilt Works when I go shopping for some complementary tone on tone fabrics to use along with what I already have.

The collection comes in a couple more color ways that I was not aware of until I searched for more fabric to complete this project. They are very attractive, but would not combine well with what I have here.

I found a source online for these fabrics and was even able to obtain three panels like the one pictured above. Those panels should provide me with some interesting fussy cutting possibilities. I may even try to obtain four more panels, three to fussy cut, and one to put on the back of the quilt.

Great stuff…

and more great stuff.

I am not sure how I am going to make use of all of this fabric, but I am really excited about the project. Each block feels like a finished piece.