In addition to cutting 6 x 6 inch squares of fabric from my Kona yardage I have decided to create flowers as well. My plan is to devote a hanging file to each color and to clip the flower and the square swatch to the file, and place any fabric of that color I have inside the file. This is practical for me because I have the file drawers to accommodate this storage method and lots of hanging files that I had bought when I was a teacher, so I don’t need to purchase supplies to make this system work for me.

I’ve already made quite a few flowers for the system.

I’ve made a few flowers from the “Not That White” Kona collection. I won’t bother to show those at this time as I am showing them on my Low Volume Quilt posts as I create them.

I have made a few other flowers so far:

Above we have Parsley, Limestone, and Celery.

Here we have Pansy, Butterscotch, and Orange.

You’ve seen Sky, Butter, and Pearl Pink, which I showed in a recent Low Volume Quilt post.

Then we have Silver and Light Parfait.

I have some other Kona solids on hand for which I will need to make samples.

I’m adding to that number with an order of 23 half yards of Kona colors to build my collection. Most of these are new, but some of them are repeats of colors I had used previously. Most of them are neutrals or low intensity browns and greens. A few bright colors made it into the mix. Being a former teacher I simply couldn’t resist a color called School Bus.

When these new fabrics arrive I will get to work cutting my sample swatches and making my sample flowers.

There were three colors that I wanted which I was unable to obtain from the Fat Quarter Shop. They are Ash, Titanium, and Parchment. I hope they have not been discontinued. Perhaps they are simply out of stock.

I can’t wait to see the new subdued colors that I ordered in large pieces. I am considering doing a subdued log cabin piece, which is one of the reasons I ordered so many of these types of colors. A friend looked at my log cabin blocks and said, “That’s a lot of color.” So I thought, “What might they look like with a lot less color?” I’m going to find out.