I decided to flesh out the border of this quilting sample with the crimson fabric. As you can see very clearly below there is not a lot of contrast between the burgundy flowers and the crimson border.

I had actually considered finishing this piece off with a hunter green border, but I decided against it because hunter green hexagons join the flowers together. I thought that it might be confusing for them to mingle with the border. In retrospect I think this might have been a nice effect allowing the burgundy flowers to pop along the edge. Maybe I will do something like that in a future quilt. Imagine a hunter green border added to the image below.

I am linking back today to Life Under Quilts. Jessica has been very busy lately with a project that she will be able to reveal in the near future. It has an ISBN number, so I am really looking forward to seeing this new project. For the past few weeks Jessica hasn’t posted her usual Monday Morning Star Count link back post, and I have anxiously looked for it every week. After only one week of not being able to link back to Jessica, I realized how much I depended on her blog as a means of sharing my work with others. Before I started to link back I was blogging in a vacuum. I didn’t really think anyone was reading. Once I started to link back to Jessica’s blog I started to see comments on my posts, and I felt like a part of a community.

Anyone reading this from the Monday Morning Star Count linkup please take some time to scroll down and see what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks.

Thank you to Jessica for getting us sharing again. We English Paper Piecers need all the encouragement we can get to keep producing in a medium that takes so long and seems to move so slowly. I’m slightly late to the party this week, but I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has done since we last shared.

Edit: I was so grateful for the opportunity to share again that I made it a point to comment on every single link in the Star Count, and I will check back later in the week to comment on any links made between now and then. Keep stitching girls!