From Saturday, August 9th through Sunday August 17th I was in attendance at the annual U.S. Go Congress.  This year it was held in New York City at the Hotel Pennsylvania.  I had plenty of opportunity to stitch while I was enjoying the activities of the congress.

For those who do not know, go is an Asian board game that originated in China about 4,000 years ago. It is the oldest board game still played in its original form. Most years I get together with about 500 like minded individuals to play tournament games, attend lectures, and socialize.

I decided to document my stitching by photographing my progress each day on a go board. Here is what I put together during the week.









The photograph above represents the basting of 110 hexagons in one day. Each pile contains ten hexagons.

The hexagons for the batik flowers were basted in advance, but I had to baste all of the hexagons for the solid flowers. I have no idea how many hours are represented here. But I definitely had an opportunity to participate fully in the activities at the congress.

I am pleased to report that I had my best congress ever in terms of playing results. I managed to take 2nd place in the 9 kyu playing band. I had taken 3rd place three times already, but never 2nd place before.