The Pennington Quilt Works is currently having a big end of season sale making way for new fabrics. I decided to go over yesterday and see what I could find on the sale tables outside the store. First up, I headed to the bins of scraps. You could get a bag of scraps for $5.00. You just had to be able to zip it shut. Here’s my bag with a little room to spare, actually, because I ran out of things I wanted to stuff into it. There are a lot of bright and pastel prints in the bag, which are a real departure for me given my somber maroon and green pallet. I’m planning to turn the contents of this bag into a new bowl of more brightly colored basted hexagons. Next up was a look at the bins of fat quarters, which were on sale for $1.00 each. I was quite discriminating in my choice of fabrics there. I had actually pulled out a selection of low volume prints and white and cream solids, but threw them back because I like my Kona solids, and I recently purchased a low volume jelly roll from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Here are the fat quarters I picked up.  I’ve already pressed two of them. It was initially my intention to find fat quarters that would harmonize with my maroon and green pallet, but I didn’t have much luck there. The second from the left qualifies, but the others don’t. I think I have to take a look at the more expensive bolt yardage in the store to meet that need. That will wait, however, until I go back to use my birthday discount later in the week. Next up was a look at the $4.00 a yard pieces.  I didn’t realize that these lengths of yardage were going to be so long.  You had to purchase the whole piece too.  That’s a real commitment to a new bargain basement piece of yardage.  My attention was immediately drawn to a green fabric with a fish tail motif.  I picked it up and carted it around with me while I looked around at the yellow tag bolts at 20% off inside the store.  I found myself to be overwhelmed by the offerings, however, and left the store to return to the bargain table.  Then one of the salespeople pointed out to me that the fish tails fabric that I held in my arms was part of a collection.  Oh no. That meant I had to seriously look at the other remaining fabrics in the collection.  I decided on the blue fish tail print, but I wasn’t sure about the wide stripe.  Then I saw the narrower stripe and decided to get all four. Only after taking the above photograph at home did I discover that the narrow stripe is not even part of the collection, but that’s okay, because it really goes well with the wide stripe and I may plan something for those two fabrics together with some coordinating Kona Solids. The collection is called Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket for Moda. The wide stripe is pattern #37027.The blue fish are pattern #37026, and the green fish are pattern #37026 as well. I’m not sure sure how the green and the blue fish can have the same pattern number, but I guess you need to specify color in addition to pattern number when ordering those fabrics. It turns out that the narrower stripe is Giselle by Phyllis J. Anderson for Henry Glass & Co., Inc. pattern #9338. The four large pieces combined comes to nearly 25 yards of fabric, and I got out of the store with a charge to my credit card for less than $120.00, so I think I did fairly well, especially since I am already starting to envisage some of the ways I can use the large pieces of yardage.