A couple weeks ago my husband and I were headed off to a luncheon with a group called the Creative Collective.  I noticed at the last minute that my nail polish was terribly chipped from stitching, and I decided to put a quick coat on so my hands wouldn’t look so shabby.  I dripped nail polish on my skirt and had to do a quick change. I was going to throw the skirt away, but I noticed that LL Bean no longer makes the long version of this skirt, which really annoys me because I practically live in it. After rejecting the idea of throwing the skirt away I decided I was going to fold the skirt over itself in such a way as to hide the nail polish. In the close up  you can see some folds and pin marks from that attempt.  After pinning it I decided I could hide the resulting seam with some hexagons.  Then I said to myself, “Duh… why not just cover the polish with hexagons and keep the full length of the skirt?”  So I took out the pins and decided to buy some fabric that would coordinate well with the skirt. Off to the Pennington Quilt Works I went… uh… without the skirt.

Well, I picked out three fabrics that I thought would work well with the skirt based on my visual memory of the color.  One of them is going to yield a great variety of patterned hexagons because it is full of different patterns.

I bought a half yard of each fabric, and cut off about a quarter of each of those pieces to wash and dry.  I don’t ordinarily prewash fabric, but the skirt has been washed many times, and it will be washed many more times at high heat.  So these fabrics are getting the full heat treatment before I cut my hexagons.