Since my last progress report I have added a border of hunter green hexagons around the entire edge of the quilt.  It took me 40 hours to complete the border over the course of ten days.  That’s four hours per day on average.

I am showing the quilt on the king sized bed so more of the area of the quilt shows, but later in this post I will show it on the queen sized bed it will occupy when it is finished.

There are some areas that still need to be fleshed out. These additions may not result in straight edges. The binding is still up for grabs. I need to design additions for the spaces between diamonds at the top and the bottom of the quilt.  These are wide half diamond wedges that run horizontally.

I need to design additions for the sides.  These are thinner half diamond wedges that run vertically.

I need to design additions for the corners.  I guess you could think of these areas as quarter diamonds running horizontally.

 In order to get an idea of how the quilt would fit on the queen sized bed, I laid it out there and found that it will fit nicely in the vertical direction, but I think it will fall a bit short in the horizontal direction, so I need to take that into account when I flesh out the left and right edges.  I also need to take into account that I will lose a few inches from shrinkage in both directions when the quilt is first washed.

You can see that there is sufficient length for the queen sized bed.

I’ve reached a point in the work where I really need to think about where to go from here design wise.  I love the mindless sewing together of hexagons.  I will be able to start that again after I made a few design decisions. I have many options for designing the remaining sections which will finish off the edge of the quilt.  I’ll need to make ten sections total, of four specific types, to accomplish that finish.

My initial thought was that I wanted the solid maroon fabric to feature prominently in the finishing of the edges.  However, I have a limited number of maroon hexagons left, and no way to obtain more of this specific fabric.  I have a great number of the printed plum colored fabric, so it’s an option to use that.  One thing I am considering at this point is using the printed green fabric along with the hunter green to finish off the edges.

There are so many possibilities to finish this quilt that I think I need some time to reflect.  I’ll order more of the hunter green fabric, the printed green fabric, and some of a solid green that is available that matches the background of the printed green fabric.  It’s part of the collection. So my next post should involve some decision making.

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