In the quilting blogosphere a UFO is an UnFinished Object.

I recently finished piecing a table runner for a cabinet in my living room.  The wall of the living room is actually a deep shade of maroon.  While the wall appears to be violet here, it is actually quite similar to the maroon color of the solid fabric used in this table runner, although the color of the wall is more muted than the maroon in the quilt.


While I usually finish things as soon as possible, I have decided to deliberately leave this object unfinished while I decide how to complete the back of the piece.  I could use one piece of fabric, of either a solid color or a print, to back this.  That is what I did with a piece I finished a few months ago.

However, at the December meting of the Modern Quilt Guild at the Pennington Quilt Works I saw a table runner that one of the members had recently completed.  It was double sided with a holiday theme.  One side was for Halloween.  The other side was for Christmas.  That gave me the idea of creating a two sided table runner with a different twist.  I had been thinking that, since returning to quilting, my work has been very traditional.  The reverse of this table runner might be the ideal place for me to go outside my comfort zone and do something more modern.

Here is a closeup of the pieced runner.  You can see that it is composed of units made up of four hexagons each.  The units are most obvious in the solid maroon color.


The ends of the runner form a “V” shape and come to a few inches above the floor.

I have already completed the piecing of the binding for the runner.  The binding will take the form of a row of hexagons using fabric that matches the hexagons along the edge of the top.  Creating such a binding is very time intensive since it involves stitching every fold of each hexagon so the basting threads and the papers can be removed before the binding is sewn in place.  The same has been done along the edge of pieced top of the table runner.




While making up my mind about the reverse side, the table runner will function quite nicely without batting and quilting.  I will have plenty of time to consider my options.


This is what the piecing looks like from the reverse side.  Here are a few more photographs of the piece.