About Terri Schurter

I am a retired high school art teacher.  My area of expertise as a teacher was traditional black and white photography, but my media of choice in college were weaving, quilting, and anything related to fibers.

During my years as a teacher I put my own creative pursuits aside to concentrate on being the best teacher possible.  Teaching was my art.  Now, in retirement, with no one to “serve” it is my time to be who I want to be as an artist.

I’ve decided that I want to be a producing fiber artist, and I have started with hexagons.  I love the therapy of the repetition at most stages of the process… the cutting of paper pieces, the basting, the stitching, and even the quilting.  While once the goal was to make a quilt as quickly as possible, now the goal is to get my money’s worth in entertainment value from every yard of fabric.

This is my second act in fiber arts.

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