I have twelve panels remaining from my Embracing Horses collection of fabric created by Laurel Burch. I decided that I needed to cut into these last twelve panels to create more large hexagons for my Blue Star Quilt. Notice how nicely the individual panels were packaged by PM Quilting. I bought every panel that they had, and have been hoarding them for a long time.

I pressed my panels on my work table, then cut them into sections. I made two layer stacks of the large horse section of the panel. I then cut into those panels to extract the birds from the design. I used the three inch hexagon template for this extraction process.

Below is a viewpoint that makes it clear that I was able to obtain twelve of each bird. These pieces are already glue basted to paper pieces. The pieces will be joined to make three inch hexagons. I had created blocks previously using these cuts, so they are not new designs. I will end up with four hexagons using each bird. Three of them will be combined into a single Large Hexagon using three other complementary blocks. The remaining three diverse bird hexagons will be combined into another Large Hexagon. This strategy is in keeping with the way I have occasionally used three matching hexagons along with three other complementary hexagons.

Here are all the little birdies.