I used my 20% off Birthday coupon at Pennington Quilt Works last week. Here is my haul.

When I got home I showed my relatively small bag to my husband “bragging” that I had spent a little more than $100.00 for my haul. He asked incredulously, “Is that all you got?” I said, “Yep.” In all fairness, the large Tula Pink shears retailed for $39.00.

I really wanted to give him an understanding of the fact that this hobby isn’t cheap. I spend my own money on my habit so he can’t complain.

While I was at the store I decided to look for a gray thread for handquilting to complement my Glorious Hexagons work.

I found a great color that appeared to be designed specifically for my needs.

The creation of large hexagons is coming along very well. I now have 50 of them and it is just about time to start putting them together.

As an aside to those interested in blogging, I created this post in the WordPress app on my iPad. This is the first time I have created a post on the iPad. I did it because my desktop is located upstairs and I hate to turn on the air conditioning in my studio just so I can use the computer. I have a workflow for processing blog images that involves Aperture on my desktop, so I’ve not been blogging recently given that I don’t want to use the desktop, and that is where Aperture lives. The use of Aperture is definitely slowing me down, and I’m thinking of finally starting to use Photos so I can access all of my images on all of my devices.

I have a laptop and you might ask why I didn’t do the post on the laptop. The reason is that doing so would have required me to email the photos from the iPad to the laptop, so I chose to work on the iPad instead. I did reopen the post on the laptop after publishing to polish the text. That’s what I’m doing now.

I guess it is about time to ditch Aperture. Yet, as a compromise, I wanted to try editing in the iPad from my photo stream and then composing a post on the iPad. It seems to be working even though the WordPress App does not appear to be very feature rich.

I realize that this is the first blog post in over two months moving forward I hope to do better.