Here are Glorious Hexagons 211 through 220.

#8 Marena

#2 Carol

There is a story behind this Carol. I had originally put this block together in a different way. It was nagging me though, because it was very reminiscent of a German Swastika, albeit one with six rather than four legs. I didn’t want any block of mine to conjure up that vile image though, so I ripped it apart and put it back together in much nicer way.

#1 Maria

The hexagons get lost in this Maria, and a triangular element emerges and takes center stage in this block.

#34 Christie

The Christie block is going to be a nice way to show off the various horse heads in the large horse head fabric.

#10 Kelly

When I first made a couple Kelly blocks, much earlier in the project, I didn’t really like the block that much. It just didn’t speak to me. That all changed when I combined these two fabrics to make this Kelly block. I see more Kelly blocks in my future. This is one of my favorite individual blocks. I really like the way these two fabrics play together here.

#23 Dawn

If I had this Dawn to do over again I would have chosen a brown that more closely matches the background color of the outer shapes. Those shapes are cut from one of my favorite portions of the Panel Fabric for the collection. I feel that the color that I selected for the center dominates too much and draws attention away from the outer shapes. This block may actually get ripped apart and redone.

#10 Kelly

Moving forward with those Kelly blocks… Initially I was planning to make the horse heads in the diamond shaped thirds of the block face in the same direction. Then I got the idea of flipping them. I like the way the cheeks appear to grow from the necks of the facing horses. This is a little bit bizarre, but for some reason or another when I look at this block I am strangely reminded of the Sistine Chapel. I know it is weird. It must just be me.

#2 Carol

Each large triangle of this Carol is made up of four small triangle segments cut from the Birds on Black fabric. Initially these six large triangles were going to be paired with another Birds on Black hexagon to make a star in the center of a big hexagon. I thought that the end result was too busy though, so I repurposed the triangles into another Carol block which will become the center of another star in another big hexagon.

#38 Sonja

I like the way the Mane Fabric swirls and the way the horse cheeks become the dominant elements in this Sonja block.

#35 Sharon

This Sharon is very dimensional. I like the Sharon block, but I have not made that many of them. I am planning to make more. Taking advantage of the sharp edges of some of the stripe like elements in the Panel Fabric seems like a good way to do this. That division down the center of the diamond shapes makes the final design really pop.