First let me start by saying that I once again find myself woefully behind in posing my progress on this project. I have five large hexagons units that have not been posted yet. I also have over 50 regular size hexagons to post, thirty of which were completed while I was away at the U.S. Go Congress two weeks ago.

To avoid visual overload for my viewers I will present these items in a few posts over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Following are hexagons 161 through 170.

#54 Kim

You’ve seen this Kim before. I was showing the 16th decade of blocks and included this Kim and the following Kim. I did this because they were the last two blocks made from the panel fabric that I had made into a three layer stack that I deliberately cut exclusively into Kim and Doloris blocks.

#54 Kim

I love the birds in the panel fabric.

#53 Liza

The outer horses come from the running horses fabric. The inner diamonds are cut from the panel fabric. This is not strictly a Liza because the central hexagon has been composed of diamonds.

#54 Kim

Sometimes the eye just needs to rest.

#54 Kim

There are actually two other blocks exactly like this cut from a six layer stack. So I have three of these to scatter across the surface of the finished quilt if I so desire. I might even put them into a single large hexagon and see how that plays.

#54 Kim

I love the blue horses in this Kim.

#48 Jeannie

I had mentioned wanting to try using Kona solid fabrics for the insides of Jeannie blocks. I did that here for the first time and you will see more of these blocks. They will make their appearance when I post the blocks that I made during the time that I was at the Go Congress recently. I think that this block might have been more effective if I had not matched the central solid so well with the horses in the outside shapes. The yellow becomes dominant in this block when you see it from a distance and the star becomes lost. I should have matched the darker rust color in the print instead.

#8 Marina

I like the subtle look of this block with the contrast between the large dense swirls in the outside shape and the small circles on the inside hexagon. These shapes were all cut from the same fabric. This block might be best used as the inside of a star on a large hexagon unit.

#8 Marena

Here is the same block made with the exact same fabric except in a different color. This time I swapped the inside and outside patterns. The center of the blue block pops out and the center of the yellow block moves back in space.

#1 Marie

This block was made with some left over sections of the panel fabric.