Here are the next five big hexagons along with my thoughts about their creation.

The central triangles for this block were cut from a blue fabric exactly like the yellow fabric that was used for the triangles on the first large hexagon that I put together. I alternated triangular and circular patterns for the cuts for these triangles.

I had a hard time deciding on the central hexagon for this block. I considered cutting a piece of the fabric that I used for the triangles and inserting a solid three inch hexagon made from it into the center. I had a Doloris block, however, made with the same color but in a mane patterned fabric. After making that block I thought I was not going to find a good way to use it in the quilt. It called too much attention to itself and it was too different from anything else I had made. Therefore, I thought it was going to stick out like a sore thumb next to the other blocks. However, it blends nicely with the blue patterned diamonds and circles of similar hue and value.

I’m glad I chose to use this unusual block for the center hexagon. The outer hexagons are all composed of pieces cut exclusively from the panel fabric. In retrospect I wish that I had worked harder to find a block with a darker gray element in it for the lower left block. It looks too much like the block immediately above it and to the right. In the final quilt I doubt that I will give it a second thought though.

I had put in an order for some Kona solids to audition for possible use in creating the central stars of the large hexagons. I used one of these solids in the block above and more of them will appear in future large hexagons.

The inner triangles of this block are made from Kona Spice Fabric. This is the fabric that most nearly matches the color in the rust horse mane fabric. It is nearly a perfect match. I used one of my favorite bird blocks for the center. I love the way the bird bodies merely kiss each other leaving a tiny triangle of rust colored fabric at the center of the block. None of the colors of the central hexagon exactly match the Spice fabric so the star seems to be recede to connect to the three outer hexagons that feature the rust mane fabric. I alternated those three blocks with blocks using recognizable large horse heads.

Notice the propeller effect of the manes on the lower right block. This is one of my favorite effects to use in fussy cutting the Large Horse Head Fabric.

One thing that I am not keen about is the way that the light gray in the upper right block draws attention.  If you squint at the block you can see that easily. Three of those horses are just too light and too blue. I think that is the problem. Once again, though, in the big picture it probably won’t matter.

This is my favorite big block so far. I used the green mottled section of the Panel Fabric for the green central triangles of this block. I chose a block for the center hexagon that had a bit of that green which would touch the triangles in three locations. I love the way it turned out. I didn’t alternate the outer hexagons in any special way. I simply chose a variety of blocks with a rust emphasis. The pieces for the blocks were cut primarily from the Panel Fabric with the exception of the lower right block which was cut from the Jumping Horses Fabric.

The central triangles of this large hexagon were cut from Kona Indigo fabric. I was very conflicted about using the Indigo because I knew it would recede into the background whereas the other stars, being lighter, would all pop to the top of the quilt. The central hexagon, one of my favorites, simply screamed for the Indigo triangles, however. Who am I to deny such a noisy block? So Indigo it was, and I am so happy about it. So happy, in fact, that I am thinking about a quilt made of large hexagons with nothing but Indigo centers, but that is an idea for another day. Three of the outer hexagons in this block have a definite blue emphasis to harmonize with the central block. They are alternated with blocks with more of a brown emphasis.

On the heels of my success with the previous Indigo star I could not stop. I had to do another. The triangles of this large hexagon were also cut from Kona Indigo fabric. The central hexagon chosen for this block melds nicely with the triangles surrounding it. This keeps it at the same visual level as the triangles. Three of the outer hexagons were cut from the Panel Fabric and have a very light blue emphasis and contrast sharply with the edge of the central triangle. The other three alternating hexagons were cut from the Large Horse Head fabric and have a rust color emphasis. Notice, however, that all three have elements of dark blue in the background to harmonize with the Indigo of the central star.

I’m still assembling large hexagons and starting to lay them out on my queen sized bed to try to decide how I am going to finish off the edges. When I have five more completed I will post them.