Here are the next five Glorious Hexagons.

#35 Sharon

This Sharon uses the panel fabric for the outer circles. This is a modified Sharon because the central shapes are composes of a large hexagon with equilateral triangles in place of the usual diamond shapes. This block actually has a name of it’s own. It is a #29 Bev. I didn’t know that at the time I made the block and I shared it on Facebook under the name Sharon. Now I feel no need to change the name as I share it here. There are a few blocks in the collection that are very closely related as are Sharon and Bev. Another example is the pair of Dawn and Kerry.

#35 Sharon

This Sharon is entirely composed of diamonds cut from the panel fabric. I like the way some of the triangles in the fabric pattern create a circular motif near the center of the block. I also like the division of the outer diamonds into halves due to the pattern of the fabric.

#35 Sharon

This Sharon is another Bev is disguise. I like the way the very large horse heads in the panel deliver some design elements of interest such as these eyes used here.

#9 Doris

This Doris is cut entirely from the panel fabric. This fabric holds great potential for the creation of abstract looking blocks. I really love how quickly the Doris blocks come together. They are made up of only one shape and have only six pieces, yet they can be just as rich in design as blocks created with a greater number of pieces. The fabric does all of the heavy lifting here.

#2 Carol

This Carol is cut entirely from the panel fabric. There are portions of the fabric with beige and blue tones that appear nowhere else in the collection.