Here are the next five Glorious Hexagons.

#31 Jacqui

This Jacqui block inverts pairs of half hexagons to create the hexagon shapes. So it is really a modification of the Judy block. The two cuts I selected were very different in value. The outside diamonds were selected to blend with the darker hexagons. Notice that each diamond has a slight change in value from light to dark. The light point of each diamond was placed next to the lighter hexagon while the dark point of the diamond was placed next to the darker hexagon. This allowed the darker hexagons to blend in with the background while making the lighter hexagons pop.

#1 Marie

The focus of this Marie is the circular motif created by the horse manes. The white manes create a bit of a whirlpool effect.

#2 Carol

Carol is a block that uses only one shape. It comes together quickly, and I anticipate making more of these than are required. The story behind this block is that I found an area of the large horse head print where I could include three eyes. How could I resist? The hard part was deciding which eye to face towards the center of the block. Blue eventually won the battle for dominance. One of the things I like about the Carol block is that even after the cut has been made you still have three possible arrangements to consider when putting the pieces together. Any of the three corners can be faced towards the center.


#19 Nicole

I am not a fan of Nicole, and it isn’t just that she takes forever to come together with such small pieces. She isn’t radially symmetrical, and from that standpoint she will probably not make it into the finished quilt. When I showed this block to my mother she said that she thought the elements looked like fish rather than horses. I kind of agree with her. One of the things I like about this particular Nicole is that she has very soft edges because I used the same fabric throughout selecting a portion of it for the half hexagons.

#35 Sharon

I really like the Sharon block. She has only 12 pieces, she comes together really quickly, and the large shapes allow for some interesting fussy cutting.