This week I completed five flowers for the Low Volume Quilt. This makes a total of 47 flowers so far. I have been doing a great deal more though than assembling existing basted hexagons. In order to make the lowest three flowers above I cut up one of the fat quarters from the three low volume fat quarter bundles I had recently purchased.

Cutting the entire fat quarter yielded 56 squares. That will be enough to make nine flowers and have two basted low volume hexagons left over.

I now have 25 basted hexagons from that fat quarter ready to make into more flowers.

And I have 13 squares pinned and ready to baste.


I’ve also cut four strips of Kona Snow selvedge to selvedge. Those strips have been cut into squares, and I am now in the process of basting them so I can proceed with more flower production.

Those of you coming to this post from Jessica’s Monday Morning Star Count may enjoy seeing my recent progress on the Log Cabin Quilt.