I took one of my Kona Solid “Not That White” bundles and washed the fat quarters. I usually don’t wash fabrics before using them. However, my plan for these fabrics is to use them to lengthen a few kaki skirts that I own. Because the skirts have been laundered multiple times it is essential to shrink the fabric.

I prefer long skirts, but LL Bean has stopped making long kaki skirts.

A while back I felt the need to patch the two remaining long kaki skirts that I own using hexagons. One of the skirts had been stained with nail polish. The other had developed a rip in the back in the seat area. Because they could not be replaced they had to be repaired.

I have a few shorter kaki skirts which I intend to extend using the fabrics in the bundle pictured above. This post is about what I have accomplished so far.

I pressed my fat quarters and then cut 1.5 inch strips from all twelve pieces after sorting the colors into light and dark sets of six.

I had my new Janome Skyline S5 set up on a counter so I could stand to sew, and I had my ironing board set up right next to it for easy access.

I decided to create twelve log cabin units to use to extend one of my skirts. This is all very improvisational. I have no idea how large the units are going to be, or how many I am really going to use.

In the above photograph I used the darkest fabric I had for the upper most strip. Rather than choose another color for the second portion of this darker “turn” on the log cabin, I decided to cut four more strips of the darker color, which would be enough to allow me to finish this turn with one color.

This is where things stand right now. Although I completed the twelve units identically up to this point, I think that I will finish them off by using random selections from the light and dark collections respectively to achieve a sense of variety in the outer portions of the units.

I’m still not sure how I will set these units. I’ll add two more turns to each unit and then reevaluate the situation.