As part of our activities for the Slow Stitching Movement Retreat coming up this week we are supposed to bring 24 light 1.5 inch salvage to salvage strips, and 24 dark salvage to salvage strips. Mark Lipinski will be leading us in some “slow stitching” exercises with these strips.

Because I buy fabric mostly to work on specific projects, and when I do buy spontaneously I tend to pick up sets of fat quarters, this was a bit of a challenge for me. Mark forbade us from buying fabric for this. He told us we had to shop our stash.

I ask you what stash? Am I the only quilter out there who doesn’t have a stash?

Luckily I had occasionally bought value ranges of various Kona Solids in order to select colors for projects. I have very few print fabrics in yardage format so I decided to limit myself to solids.

I gathered together my Kona Solids, and I found that I had enough so I would only have to cut two strips from each piece.

I separated out my lights from my darks before cutting.

After cutting I packaged my strips into neatly banded units.

I’m almost ready for the retreat. We have been having a lot of fun chatting among ourselves for the past few weeks in our own private Facebook group.

We are supposed to make three things with these strips. I can’t wait to find out what we will be doing with them.