For quite awhile I have been participating in the Monday Morning Star Count link back from Jessica’s Life Under Quilts blog. Jessica has been really busy lately creating and sharing via Instagram, and she has decided to go to a new monthly link back schedule. I don’t blame her for that. While I will miss sharing on a weekly basis, I think we all benefit from consistency. If we can be consistent on a monthly basis, then that will be good. I know that during the weeks we did not link back I definitely experienced a level of disappointment in not seeing the work of others, and not having my work seen either. I also felt as if those weeks were likely to go unseen when we did finally link back again. Knowing that we will be sharing once a month instead, however, I want to optimize the exposure of my work.

When we were linking back every week I would provide what is referred to as a permalink. The problem with that approach, however, is that it makes it impossible to scroll down to see a full month of progress.

Moving forward I will simply provide the link to my blog and encourage people to continue scrolling down as long as they are viewing new material. The plus side to this is that I may post more frequently than once a week now, knowing that all posts can be seen in that once a month viewing binge. I had reduced my posts to once a week a short while ago because I didn’t want the “Star Count” crowd to miss out on anything.

I really have enjoyed linking back, and have felt as if my blog traffic has been largely dependent it. The good news is that some of my recent blog traffic is certainly not dependent upon the link back, because I already have two comments on this week’s blog post WITHOUT linking back.

I do need to find other ways to create traffic. One of them is to put links to my posts on Facebook for my friends to see.

Today I’ve added the ability to subscribe to this web site for those who don’t want to wait a full month to hear from me again. If you look at the left column near the top you will see a new widget titled “subscribe to blog via email”. I’d encourage “Star Counters” to subscribe to get notification of new posts by email. I’ll look for a way to subscribe to your blogs as well.

So… looking forward to showing up in your in box sometime soon, and having you show up in mine, but in the meantime…



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