Previously I had mentioned that I had not yet decided which direction to face the central medallion on the Batik Flower Garden Quilt.

This is no small matter because the interaction of the batik flowers and the solid flowers create a secondary design in the form of a flower with a hunter green center.

Below we see the batik flower and the solid flower which make up the body of the central medallion. Both of these flowers are oriented in the same direction as far as the brown vs. caramel content of the flower is concerned. In hindsight I might done better to invert the solid flowers, which would have given an entirely different, perhaps more satisfactory, result. However, now I must continue on the path I have chosen.

Below you can see the secondary design created when these two flower types are placed in alternating rows.

These newly created flowers are composed of arcs of caramel and brown fabric. They are clearly divided in half by way of their color, and it matters which direction these arcs will face. I have to ask myself if it is more pleasing to have the caramel on top, or the brown on top. It is this question that I have been pondering for a number of weeks now.

I believe that I have come to a decision.

That decision was reached through a perceived emotional impact of the caramel arcs. When they take an upward direction the design feels more optimistic as if the caramel arcs represent a rising sun over a landscape. It is as simple as that.

This week I attached two rows of burgundy flowers to the bottom of the quilt, making the caramel arcs face irreversibly up.