I have added 23 more flowers to this quilt since I reported on my progress last week. At that point there were 17 flowers in the quilt and now there are 40. My work this week consisted of assembling pre constructed flowers along with the hunter green hexagons that hold the work together.

At this point it is necessary for me to make more solid flowers in order to continue. I ordered crimson, butterscotch, and mocha Kona solids, and they have arrived. I still have 22 batik flowers assembled to add to the quilt. However, no more batik flowers can be made because the brown batik fabric has been exhausted, although some of the yellow batik remains. I have not yet decided how big this quilt will get. I am currently leaning towards making a twin size quilt by fleshing out the edges with a border of crimson followed by an outer border of solid flowers. An alternative would be to make it into a baby quilt, although it does not have the feel of a baby quilt in terms of color and contrast.

My construction method has changed as I have progressed on the quilt. At first I was piecing rows and joining them.

I decided to try adding one flower at a time to the edge of the quilt and to wait to add the hunter green hexagons until all the flowers for the row had been added. That method proved to be less cumbersome than manipulating an entire row at once.

You can see that the insertion of the hunter green hexagons requires stitching on five sides of the hexagon. That didn’t prove to be inconvenient. In fact, it made it easier to be able to use my green thread to do the job without having to start and stop repeatedly as I had to do when adding the hunter green hexagons to a row.

Here the green hexagons have been successfully added to the row. The following two photos show the addition of a row of batik flowers.


Lori the cat felt the need to help.