Table Runner Number Three is bound.

Here are some details of the binding on this piece.

I’d like to show this binding beside the binding for my Table Runner Number Two, details of which can be seen here, and here.


The tape measure has been included in the photograph above to provide a sense of scale.  The seams perpendicular to the edge in the wider finish come to about 3/4 inch.  The same seams in the narrower finish come to about 1/4 inch.  I like both finishes and would choose one over the other solely based on what I think would work best with the design of the item to be bound.

In addition to this table runner finish I have been basting a great number of hunter green hexagons.  I may be using these to finish off the Diamond Quilt eventually, or they may go into some other project.  I’m trying a new method of basting hexagons.  Up until now I have pierced the paper when binding my hexagons, which allows stitches of the basting thread to show on the front of the hexagons during piecing.  For these green hexagons below, I am trying a method that doesn’t pierce the papers, and which will make it unnecessary to remove the basting stitches to remove the papers.  I have to admit that one of the reasons I am trying this other method of basting is because it will make for more aesthetically pleasing progress photos.  It takes longer to baste this way, but I think it will be a wash because I will probably recover the time by not having to cut basting threads and remove them later.