This past week I have fleshed out the sides of the Diamond Quilt. Both sides have been completed.  

This may appear to be solid fabric with a hexagon border, but it is actually a lattice work of hexagons with six separate solid areas of fabric appliquéd into place.  You can see the design below, which also shows how the corners will be completed.

The strips of the lattice work were completed separately, assembled, and stitched to the edge of the quilt top.  The seams of the hexagons were reinforced with stitching and the papers removed.  Rectangular pieces of solid green fabric were then appliquéd into place.

The solid hunter green fabric areas correspond in size to the central maroon areas in the large diamond shapes.  You can see these areas in the image below.


Here we can see the double hexagon lattice work between the solid areas of fabric.

Lori shows her relative disinterest in the quilt top.