Since my last progress report I have sewn my eight large diamonds together.  Using the time estimate of 2.25 minutes per seam that required nine hours of sewing.  I managed to achieve this over the course of three days.

I really like the double row of hunter green hexagons that is created when the diamonds come together.  They look so nice after the white basting stitches come out.

I thought that I was going to have to consider carefully whether or not to add more green hexagons to the outside in order to continue the double border.  It turned out to be a no brainer decision for me.  I immediately decided to add the additional green hexagons to flesh out the border on the outside.  You can see how the border is crying out for a second row of hexagons near the bottom of the photograph above.  How could I refuse?


I’ve already started to add the second border of hexagons, some of that work taking place in bed. I am actually more than halfway finished with the border.  I’m saving those details for my next post, however, which will cover more than a week of work based on the time it is taking me so far.

I am linking back to the Monday Morning Star Count on Life Under Quilts.