This week I have added the hunter green border to three and a half of my large diamonds for a total of four and a half diamonds completed.  I show my four complete diamonds as proof.  I’m not faking it.  Really.

That leaves me with three and a half hunter green borders to complete. which I hope to accomplish this week.   I timed myself on the sewing of one hunter green border.  I go into detail about that in yesterday’s post, Timing My Hexagon Work.  It took me six hours to complete one hunter green border resulting in a sewing speed of 2.25 minutes per seam.  That’s two minutes and fifteen seconds per seam.  I’m slow but steady, and I suppose that makes it even more amazing how much I managed to complete this past week.  I figure that I spent twenty one hours piecing last week on those three and a half borders.

It is my goal to spend another twenty one hours piecing this week and finish the remaining three and a half borders.  Then I can begin assembly of the diamonds, which I expect to be the most fun part of this whole project.

I had a big scare this morning when I went to assemble all eight of my diamonds.  I could only find seven of them.  I looked all over and was beginning to think that I had made a mistake about how many I had made.  After tearing the house apart I found the eighth diamond crumbled in a pile under my computer desk.  It had fallen off my lap while I was blogging last night.  Whew!

I’d like to share my simple travel sewing kit I am using lately.  My kit varies depending on what I am doing.  It is very simple right now.  It is a Tupperware container with hunter green hexagons inside.  It also includes my scissors, some spare needles, my sterling silver thimble, and my piecing thread.

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