The last time I reported on my progress for my Diamond Quilt I had pieced four units which ended with a maroon repetition around the edge.  I expressed my intention to add a patterned green repetition to each of those four units.  Since then I have followed through on that goal.  In addition to that, I have completed two additional diamond units, so I now have a total of six units just like the one pictured above.

I am reporting my progress to the Monday Morning Star Count post by Jessica over at Life Under Quilts.  Since my diamonds are so huge I decided to count up the new hexagons I had added to my quilt and translate my progress so it could be measured in terms of a 25 hexagon unit star.

Adding the borders to the old diamonds plus creating two new diamonds resulted in sewing 530 new hexagons into place.  Divide 530 by 25 and you come up with the equivalent of 21.2 new stars. Not too shabby, but bear in mind that I am am retired, and also obsessed.

I am disappointed to report that the fabric that I ordered from The Fat Quarter Shop has still not arrived at my doorstep.  It took them five days to send my oder out the door, which I find very disappointing.  I am hoping that the hunter green will make a nice final border for the diamond units.

Until the new greens arrive I am going to suspend production of new diamonds.  I had planned on eight, but I might fill in with an alternate unit.  I need to take some time to arrange the diamonds that I have on my queen sized bed. I may be doing some additional planning within photoshop using colored pencil versions of the units.

Diamond Scan


I did try out an arrangement of five of my diamond shapes on the king sized bed downstairs to get an idea of how they might look together.  I have thrown in a few smaller maroon units that I am considering as an accent to finish off areas along the edges.

Possible Diamond Arrangement