After two cups of coffee in bed this morning I was anxious to start working on my paper piecing for my diamond hexagon quilt.  Unfortunately, when I came downstairs this is what I saw.  Just the night before I had been working on this same large diamond shape, and Lori plopped herself down on my lap on top of the piece making it impossible to work on it.  I guess she likes it, or she just wanted attention.

I will have to baste some hexagons until she is ready to move this morning.  I hate to disturb a happy kitty.

Recently I discovered that Jessica Alexandrakis the author of “Quilting on the Go” has started a weekly Monday Morning Star Count on her blog.  I linked back my Diamond Quilt post to her star count for this week.  I had never linked back to anything before.  As I was looking at the other linked back sites I noticed that some of them provided mention of Jessica’s site and a direct link back to her, so I wanted to do that here.  Her book is an inspiration and a visual delight.

When I took the time to visit the other linked back sites, I really enjoyed looking at all of the paper piecing that is being done.  I’m planning discuss my progress again on Monday and link it back to Jessica’s site.  It will be an inspiration to follow the work of all of these quilters.