I am a retired public school teacher, so I can’t help but be excited when I wake up to a Winter wonderland such as I saw this morning.

During my working years such a scene would have meant a day of freedom from students and all responsibility.  It was found time… free time.  The only responsibility I had was to make my call on the district emergency phone chain.  Once that was accomplished I could do as I pleased.


Even seven years after retirement such a sight brings back fond memories and encourages me to spend extra time under the covers with coffee.


Then I will want to spend the rest of the day doing exactly as I please with no thought of practical matters aside from attending to the cats and getting dinner on the table.  Today that means joining hexagons into large diamond shaped units.


My husband is lucky enough to be semi retired with a part time job that allows some flexibility, so he called in today and moved his work day to tomorrow.  That means that I will have the pleasure of his company today.

Life is good.