Actually, I’ve been feeling hexy every day for a couple of months now. What I mean by that is that I have a strong desire to work with hexagons. Not long ago I discovered English Paper Piecing, a technique for joining fabric pieces to make quilts and other fabric objects.

As I have explored EPP I have developed a great love for hand stitching, and have started to follow some of the blogs in the quilting community in general. After documenting my progress for awhile I’ve decided that I might have enough to share with others to join that community. So here I go… with my own domain no less.

It’s my intention to spend a few posts discussing my entry into the quilting world nearly forty years ago, and my re entry more recently. I’ll share photos of my grandmother’s quilts, my own from a previous era, and work in process from the past couple months.

It is my hope that I can connect with others in the community and make a consistent contribution myself.